New! Ocion PX10

28 October

New! Ocion PX10 algae remover:
Do you have issues with algae growth in your water basin and/or irrigation system? The solution is here! As of this year a new product known as Ocion PX10 will be exclusively available*) at Benfried. This unique product kills algae and prevents the development of algae effectively. Besides the treatment against algae Ocion PX10 also has benficial side effects, such as:

- prevents development of bio film in irrigation water, water systems and filters
- works against funguses such as pythium, fusarium, phytophthora and bacteria
- adds more oxygen to the irrigation water and so to the root environment
- no need to add acid in the basin/water storage
- no copper fertilization needed Ocion PX10 is safe for the plants and environment, but tough on algae! *)

Please check with us whether Ocion PX10 is available in your country

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