17 December

Hyperox application
Hyperox can be used to disinfect greenhouse surfaces and all materials. It can be used against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Even at low temperatures and with organic load. These special properties make that Hyperox is the choice for cleaning the greenhouse. 

What is Hyperox?
Hyperox is a unique stabilized disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide. It has the following benefits:
- Breaks down to water and oxygen
- Active in a broad spectrum
- Highly efficient, even at lower temperatures
- Effective against large groups of pathogens 

Dosage Hyperox
Hyperox can applied through a watering can, back sprayer but also by immersion.Hyperox can be applied on many materials. If you have questions on the dosage please consult us. We can also advise you on which method is the most effective.

Virkon S application
Virkon S is a disinfectant with an excellent effect against pathogens. It fights viruses, bacteria and fungi even at low temperatures and organic pollution. Virkon S in combination with a good protocol can keep the most important pathogens out.It is suitable for cleaning equipment, vehicles, air disinfection, etc. Due to the quick reaction of Virkon S, it is also very suitable for use in disinfection mats. Operation Virkon SVirkon S disrupts the function of the cell membrane and it causes the cell wall to leak. There is no evidence that bacteria develop resistance to Virkon S as expected with other disinfectants. It is also a user-friendly agent that does not cause skin and eye irritation at usual doses.

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