Rock wool products
We have been marketing Multigrow® products for many years. The Multigrow® products are manufactured in-house. We always have a lot in stock and therefore guarantee you a fast delivery. We have the following rock wool types in our range.

Multigrow Premium
- Sustainable rock wool products for vegetable cultivation with formaldehyde-free binder.
- Strong development of roots due to the lack of plant-unfriendly material.
- Stronger plant growth, which reduces the risk of pests and diseases.
- Advised by crop advisers

Multigrow Coarse Fiber
- The basic rock wool products for vegetable growing with coarse fibers for a longer mat life.
- Can be grown both wet and dry.
- Horizontal wool structure, making it a better root wig all year round.
- Standard available in black / white foil (also for better roots).
- Plant holes available for an additional charge.

 Multigrow Coarse Fiber Plus
- Multi-year rock wool products for rose cultivation.
- Specially developed rock wool fibers for long-term use.
- The rock wool mat is more resistant to acids, which means that the benefits of a new Multigrow mat still prove their worth even after years.
- Very suitable for multi-year crops of 5 - 7 years.  

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