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Spraying equipment

Spraying crop protection agents demands safety measures. But it must also happen efficiently and be labor-friendly. We offer high pressure equipment from Empas, but also hose reels with springs. Do you have questions about the regular change of nozzles? Let us advise you!

Here you can find some of the articles from our assortment:

Spray equipment

- Pump set suitable for spraying crop protection agents. Available with different capacities and workload (art.nr.44500201).

- Pump machines build with a 600 liter tank. Available with a gasoline or an electrical motor. And ofcourse available with different capacities and wokloads. (art.nr. 44500348)

Fog machines
- K22,suitable for disinfection of spaces and atomization of crop protection agent (art.nr.44900048)

- K4 + Carriage. This Pulsfog is the biggest termical fog machine in de Pulsfog brand. With a capacity between de 60 ltr (crop protection agents) and 120 ltr (disinfection) per hour, this machine can cover big surfaces and treat them in a short time. Thanks to its huge power this machine can couple this capacity with a very fine and uniform mist that spreads over a length of 120 meters. (art.nr.44900009)

LVM machines

- TB60. The Powerfogger TB60 is the LVM without compressed air. With just a phase power connection, the powerfogger can handle 2 hectares from one place. With 25 liters per hour it has a much bigger capacity than the conventional LVM’s. By using the low pressure nozzles instead of high pressure is also possible to atomize powders and the chance of blockages becomes many times smaller. (art.nr. 44700003)

Meto spraying system
With the usage of this spraying robot, your personal won’t have to  walk between the crops during the spraying treatment. It does not only give a big improvement in working conditions but also in labor and agent saving.

Hose reels
Automatic hose reels for spraying and irrigation of the crops in the glass greenhouses. Which represents a substantial saving of spraying and irrigation activities thanks to its remote control conduction.

Of course you can also come to us for any kind of spray guns and all needed hose accessories (high pressure and low pressure). We’ll gladly inform you over the possibilities.