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Growing media/substrates

The growing medium is the basis of the growth of each and every plant. Benfried has a very wide range of growing medias/substrates. We supply potting soils, perlite, clay pearls, all kinds of peat substrates and of course the rock mineral wool products of Multigrow®.

In our state of the art production unit in Den Hoorn rock mineral wool is produced in basically any shape and size (f.e. blocks, slabs, plugs and trays) for growers in Holland and throughout the world. Of course we preserve the right quality and constantly look for improvements. Besides the regular Multigrow®, Benfried also produces Multigrow® Premium, which is made without any chemicals and a formalhyde free binder is used. Therefore the Premium is a sustainable and environmental friendly product.

The right choice for a most suitable substrate leads to better growth and less losses. Isn't that what you would want too?

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