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Multigrow® and Multigrow Premium®

Within the line of a activities also the production of Multigrow® growing media is part of the business. In our own advanced factory in Den Hoorn rock mineral wool is produced for customers within the Netherlands and abroad. The product range exists out of slabs, blocs, plugs and trays.

Also in this area Benfried is constantly looking for improvements. Nowadays Benfried supplies a growing media under the name of Multigrow® Premium, in which the binder formalhyde free and so environmental friendly and sustainable. Click for detailed information.

By the combination of thorough (product-) knowledge, high custom made service level, short lines of communication, quality products for national and international markets, Benfried has gained a premium position within the horticultural (greenhouse-) and agricultural industry.

Multi Coco
The Multicoco line is an outstanding line of coco and cocopeat products suitable for any type of crop in both, Horticulture and Floriculture. Click for more information.