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Gardeners and retail

Besides it's premium position in the horticultural (greenhouse-) and agricultural industry, Benfried is well known with gardeners and has at the facility in Den Hoorn a specialized division for garden supplies and needs such as; working cloths, tools, lighting and ponds, decorative garden tiles and garden wood.

On the outdoor terrain of Benfried in Den Hoorn your will find al sorts of garden wood, usually deliverable out of stock, but also a permanent selection hundreds of garden tiles. In our shop you'll find over 2.000 articles of working gear, such as cloths and shoes. Also available; personal protection gear, gas masks, mower-, drill- and saw machines as well as high pressure cleaning equipment, snow cleaners, leaf blowers and so on. To make sure we offer you the best only, Benfried is dealer of A-brands such as: Snickers, Olang, Kärhcer, Makita, 3M, Hillwood and Michel Oprey.

Because of this wide assortment, the customer friendly approach, the right advice and best value for money, besides the professionals also consumers have found their way to Benfried.